Monday, October 12, 2009

Diving weekend, and The Perfume Lab!

After a seemingly crazy week last week (which ended up being absolutely marvellous), I had a weekend to match. It was marvellous, of course!

I'm doing my 2*(or advanced) diving course, and this weekend was the weekend to catch up on dives, do some of the specific dives that I need to qualify, and generally relax. I have returned home failing on the last - I have such sore tummy muscles! (Diving must be good for me then)... Overall it was a really good weekend, the diving was good, even though Miracle waters was rather murky. We managed to find the helicopter though :)

A big part of my day today was the event of The Perfume Lab. Luke and I were models for the lab, in which students had to say whether perfume was male or female. The trick was that there was a third perfume, unisex! Because the students couldn't know the gender of the model, they had to be blindfolded. The second part of it was that both Luke and I had to shave our arms, to match each other. This was the cause of much hilarity for the visitors to our lab... and interestingly enough, I was less keen than Luke to shave my arms (I've never done it before, ok!)... The lab itself was funny - it hard not to giggle when students guess the gender of the perfume completely wrong, or they knock over the beaker of water or do anything else which in any other situation would not be regarded as funny...

The only thing now is that, although I have scrubbed my arms about 6 times, I can still smell all three perfumes (the unisex smells like a granny-smell)... and as such, its a little confusing for my poor ole nose!

Here's to not smelling confused!


Candice said...

lol! I'm going to have to come and visit and behold the shaven arms (sorry - that sounded less weird in my head).

Happy scrubbing though!

Luke said...

Shaving our arms was definitely an...interesting, experience. ;)

Helen said...

Hey, how come nobody shaved their arms last time? And unisex wasn't so much granny as... overly affectionate great-auntish.

Wish I was there to see it!