Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bringing out my inner engineer

I havent been bloggin in the past little while, becuase I have just been way, way too busy... Small dramas, when added together make a big drama, and I have been struggling to right myself after it has all passed.
The subject for today comes from one of my experiments: I am building a maze, but needed infared beams and detectors to tell me when an object has passed a certain point. Now, for starters, I am in no way an engineer. The lat time I worked withcircuits, lights, and resistors and things was in hight school. The males in my family, however, are all engineers. I didnt go to them for help though, I went to a friend, who is an engineer (go figure...). So yesterday, after getting the parts, I built one part (the detector part), under the supervision of my dad. And it worked! And I rebuilt it again this morning, and it still worked!
I wonder what next I will bring out... inner artist, perhaps?

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