Friday, July 2, 2010

Uh, help?

So, it turns out that I'm pretty useless at social etiquette (who would'a known??). This past week, I went to a wedding - KCB's mates were getting married. Now, not I didn't know the bride and groom from a bar of soap...

Typically, when I have no idea what to do, I froze with a (probably awkward) grin on my face (and may have mumbled a congratulations, but I cant be sure in the panic of the moment), after the ceremony... How awkward. What on earth is one supposed to do??? Most other people were congratulating the couple... Does the same apply to a complete stranger?? AAAARG!


Candice said...

I think that ideally, KCB should introduce you and then you should be able to say congratulations to the happy couple.

I understand your dilemma, however. HOMSI left me all alone for 30 minutes (could just've well been 3 days!) at his work function, as I stood and watched his colleagues getting drunk. Awkward!

Leia said...

It seems that my mother would agree with you... And yes, that is very very awkward!