Sunday, July 5, 2009

On plagiarism

I decided to do a search for "Olifants Backpacking trail", interested to see what it turned up, and who else had written about this amazing experience. I was startled at first, then annoyed to discover that some idiot plagiarized the last entry by changing words, adding a few, and passing it off as their own work. Their final blog post is most definitely not how I would have portrayed my trip. And a lot of it doesnt even make sense!

So, just a warning: it could happen to you! And to that idiot who stole my work: you really are an idiot. Most of it is incomprehensible!


Luke said...

I can't believe someone stole your blog post!! That's insane! How sad is that?! To steal someone's blog post! What a loser!

Helen said...

What on earth? That's insane!

Leia said...

I know. It made me very very very angry last night!