Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peaches and posture

On the weekend, I decided to go scuba diving. In my ignorance, I thought it was just a fun trip to Miracle waters in the Magaliesberg, with no real training (I'm also currently doing my 2* diving course). However, our official diving weekend was cancelled, so I just thought I was going to do some dives to within 18m.

It wasn't and we didn't. A fun weekend, and dive within 18m, I mean. Instead, an instructor came along, and those of us who were there did some of our qualifying 2* dives! It was great. I learnt about nitrogen narcosis, and managed to recognise it, while Jenny, my dive buddy didn't... She is convinced that she was totally fine, but yet couldn't manage to tie a simple knot underwater...

Anyway, the downside to the trip was that after my second dive, I started getting a huge headache, as well as an incredibly sore neck, somewhat reminiscent of my sodwana neck and headache troubles. Those were sorted out by a physio on that trip, so on Saturday night, while I was in absolute agony, I resolved to get my neck troubles treated.

So off I went to the physio this morning. It helped that she is a diver too, and thus I didn't have to explain as much as would otherwise have been the case. She poked my neck and shoulders a bit, then massaged my neck (mental note: tie hair up tightly, else massage oil gets onto it - yuck). She then proceeded to give me some stretches and posture tips. One of which is to imagine you are holding a peach between your neck and chin. You can't hold it too tightly, or you will squash the peach, and you cant let it go, or you will drop it. I have officially been dropping imaginary peaches all day now, and it is really starting to frustrate me! Any tips to try and remember posture??? Anyone??? HELP!

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