Tuesday, July 28, 2009

...something smells like roast chicken...

So, although I was really looking forward to my physio appointment on Monday, afterwards I realised that there is a serious downside to it.

The Massage Oil

I don't know what it has in it, and surprisingly, I don't care. The thing that I do care about is that fact that it makes me smell like roast chicken.
That's right, I feel like a walking roast chicken for a day, until I have had a very good shower and washed all the massage oil off. It must be the slight hint of rosemary that I get a whiff of every time I turn my neck (its my neck and shoulders that the physio works on). So I don't think I will be able to eat a roast chicken for a while now... Sorry lab-mates...

Other news: I'm now driving my own car again. It is slightly dodgy. And I have had a few brushes with extreme danger. Well, only about two. Actually three in total. The last time (when I thought it had finally been fixed), the alternator belt snapped. In all honesty, I snapped on my way in to varsity, and I had forgotten about it till I was about to leave, which was in the dark. So I called my dad, and he was on his way to come and give my a tow, and then sent a message to Helen, one of my lab mates, just to let her know that I was still stuck at varsity (because someone else should also know that I was stuck - it would be irresponsible not to!). She then phoned me to ask where I was and if I had a security guard with me, and then to thoroughly berate me for not having one with me... In the end (there was no security guard), she drove down and for my dad with me. Thanks Helen! So in the end, my life was not placed in any grave danger. But it could have been. And I managed to drive my car back under my own steam. And it now has a new alternator belt.

I just hope nothing else goes wrong with it!

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