Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On the down swing

So my last few post have been rather depressed, and that is probably because I have been. It has been a difficult time especially in my masters, and, although things are not currently (as of this afternoon) going wrong, they aren't exactly going right either. I know that because of the current spate of going-wrongness, I am inclined to see the glass as half empty, but hopefully after a break to clear my mind (this weekend), I will be better, brighter and back to normal.

Helen posted a post card that I think is absolutely inspired. She found it here, along with more of this guy's work, which I think is really good. Anyway, back to the post card (Sorry for stealing a potential blog post topic, Helen!). I read it yesterday and nearly burst into tears. Possibility girl describes me so well that it is scary. The only part that doesn't totally fit is the basking in adulation of my potential.

So: which way to go? Will I ever reach my potential? What do I have the potential to be? Another post card from the same guy asks some hard questions:

My answer at this point: I really don't know.

So, For now, in order to be less stressed, I will make lists. Lists of things to do, things that might go wrong (so I can have two zillion back up plans for when they do), things that make me happy, things that I like and things that I want to do.

That will do for starters!

(Note - I'm not fighting anymore, I'm just too tired to do that anymore)

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