Friday, September 4, 2009

Its not just Fridays, its Thursdays too!

Why is it that when a whole bunch of maybe-not-so-cool events happen in a short space of time, I pretty much self-destruct? And its not like the good stuff isn't happening either - yesterday I reached the half-way point in my vegetation sampling (yay!).

So: 6 out of 10 DVDs that I have burnt for my experiment over the past week have, for some reason, failed. This wouldn't be so much of a disaster, if:
  1. I hadn't deleted one of the sessions off a hard drive. It would have to be me, right?
  2. The DVD machines that I use didn't take 5hrs-and-50mins to record one DVD.
  3. The hard drives that are in the said DVD machines had a ton more space on them.
  4. I didn't have to buy other DVDs - one machine flat out refuses to even consider recording onto the DVDs that I currently have.
  5. It may not even be the DVDs! I used some better quality DVDs to start off with, and 2/5 of them didn't work either. So the machines may be at fault.
  6. I know that I will probably be waking up at arbitrary hours to change DVDs during the night, just so I can get the recording done.
  7. My neck hurts. Probably because of tension. Bring on the blinding headache, yes please!!

That being said, it is even a mission to do the recording. I have to record three days, solid. The DVD machines only allow me to record for 12 hours. The DVDs can only handle 5hrs50mins. So in between stressing about whether the DVDs have actually worked, I have to divide tracks and combine others, all of which takes a ridiculous amount of time. I haven't finished all my recording, and this setback means that, even if I use the two machines that do have some space on them to record over the weekend, I will still be behind on my schedule.

So I did what any self respecting person would do last night: I went for a good, hard run. The only problem was that after about 800m, my asthma kicked in. Fun times. I did complete 2km's, but seriously. My legs don't even feel tired, and it didn't even feel like a stress buster of a run.


The world is out to get me. I wonder what will go wrong today?

And as a completely arbitrary aside, a guy who I met about 3 month ago (and subsequently haven't had any contact with) asked me out yesterday. Weird. I really don't know how to respond (I haven't yet), and this too is causing me some consternation.

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