Monday, August 31, 2009

SCORE! I didn't die!

One of my aims that I put up on Friday was "to not die". At least until next week.

The reason that I suspected that I might die was that I was going rock climbing for the first time. I'm a co-ord. I generally forget my left and my right, and most times don't know how to co-ordinate movements when using both arms and legs... The good news: I didn't suck as badly as I thought I would. More good news: I really enjoyed it! The bad news: I have random bruises in random places (for example: I bruised the palm of my hand).

Sunday: I was helping out at the Wanderers race (incidentally, a huge success), and was put down to help at the Bokomo tent.... On Saturday night, I was seriously regretting offering to help. But I had offered, and thus, I would go. So off I went at 6am. I nearly killed myself laughing - I spent the first hour making fruit look pretty, building banana towers and putting out milk... Then came telling people that they didn't have to buy breakfast - they could help themselves! I think it was a bit of an advert for Pronutro - they pretty much had Pronutro, rusks, milk (to have with the pronutro) and fruit. My duties were then to help keep the tent tidy (ie, put out more milk, throw away bowls etc.). There was this crazy old guy who scared me a little (he was a runner) - when he saw the tent he had a wise crack about Bokomo: " Dis bokmis en Omo". Then he tried to chat me up afterwards when he saw I was helping at the tent. Crazy. Yuck. And: How can people eat half an hour before a race?? I felt so queasy just thinking about it...

After the race started, we packed up the breakfast tent, I had a long chat with a person who used to go to run/walk for life with. She has downs syndrome, and quite often would forget my name, who my family was (all of us were regulars there and knew her rather well). I saw, her, said Hi, and she responded by saying "Hi, megan"! How cool??? I was so impressed - she remembered my brother and parents too. I think that was the best part about the race. The only thing was that she wanted to chat about her brothers and their wives and what they did, and I needed to go and see if the race organisers needed any more help.

It turned out they did, and I spent the rest of the morning (till about 10.30 when they ran out) pouring coke (they ran out of water too) into small paper cups. I don't do coke at the best of times, and having to open so many bottles gave me blisters over blisters. Eventually I was handing the bottles to runners, asking them to open the bottles, and then continuing pouring.

I left after we ran out of coke - I wasn't going to deal with angry runners, and went home to an ethics application. Fun times.

Later on Sunday night, I went to church for the first time in a very long time (see here for why). It was so cool. I didn't need to be anyone. It was basically me and God having a moment during the worship, which was totally cool. No-one around me bothered me; for some reason, the worship didn't seem pretentious, and I found myself being more honest with God than I have been (also in a very long time). So I will go back, and then see how it goes - if I fit, I will stay. If I don't, I won't. But it is a very big step for me. Yay!

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