Thursday, August 20, 2009

YOU! yes... you.... STOP LITTERING!

*begin rant*

Don't you hate it when people just drop a piece of paper or wrapper and walk off? Ok, maybe sometimes it is unintentional, but a lot of the time, people will just drop their rubbish, even if they walked past a dustbin 30sec ago. WHY??? Why is it so hard to carry your rubbish with you until you get to a dustbin? Do people think that the unsightly wrappers, bottles, pens and plastic that they are discarding degrades? Or do they expect someone else to pick it up?

Especially in the younger generation (wow, I feel old right now), there seems to be a prevailing attitude of entitlement. For example: "It is my right to eat/drink/go on Mxit in class". They also have the right to be there, in the class, so you cant kick them out. But aren't these people taking away the rights of others by doing these things? In the same way, because people litter, more people have to do the horrible job of picking up the mess made by others. Is this fair? (yes, its a rhetorical question).

Down with self-centeredness! I think that if more people looked at the world around them and realised how it affects them anyway, they might start to care a little more. Maybe if they cared more, they would change their behaviour.

*end rant*

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