Saturday, August 8, 2009

Crazy, crazy week

I haven't posted for some time, because of the above-mentioned craziness. I have had the 'flu for the past week and a half, which made my already busy schedule hecticer (real word...). For the record, I'm still sick, although I am getting better now (albeit slowly).

Last week I:
  • Tutored twice, and prepared for these two tuts.
  • Went to one tutor's meeting
  • Was a teaching assistant for one lab (on ferns)
  • Went to a tedious TA pre-lab for the above lab
  • Marked practical reports from the previous week
  • Sampled vegetation for my project
  • Changed bedding for 10 of my animals
  • Entered data for half of my July vegetation sampling
  • Went to see the doctor (not seeing that particular one again - EVER)
  • Voted on my diving-clubs' new committee
  • Did (and re-did, and re-did again) a presentation for my proposal meeting
  • Had the proposal meeting
And all this while sick... I would feel proud of myself, if I wasn't feeling so awfully tired! I do feel quite proud of myself for one thing not on the list: I was nominated to be secretary for the diving club, and I elected not to stand for the position - I would rather not over-extend myself in the next year...

So, that's the story from the week. I hope next week will be better but, I need to
  • Correct my proposal
  • Enter the other half of July's veg data
  • Clean the rest of my cages
  • Try and contact GDACE (again!)
  • Post letters
  • Mark prac reports
  • TA a lab, and attend the pre-lab meeting
  • Go to the monthly tuesday dinner
  • Go to movies with the girls on wed
  • Maintain the illusion of sanity....

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