Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sunshine and happiness

This is a sunset, but hey, it still involves the sun. And its pretty!

But I actually wanted to talk about sunrise and the merits of getting up early. Lately, I have been sleeping in at every opportunity I get - the joys of working hard and stress, I suppose. But today, in an effort to beat traffic from the place I'm housesitting at, I got up super super early and left the house about 45 mins before the sun rose. As I got into my (albeit cold) car, the horizon was just light enough to see. Although there was still traffic, it flowed fast, and barely made any impact on my travel time. It was just so nice to be out (well, in my car out) with the sun coming up. It was super pretty.

The thing I like the most: I don't feel ┼░ber grumpy! I know I will crash sometime this afternoon (hopefully not too early), but I feel rather uplifted right now. Which really helps, since this morning, I have to TA a lab...

Now here's something to be happy about: Its my last TA duty for the year!!!! YAY!

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