Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year!

Or Not...
Last night, I discovered that I really don't have many good reasons to be staying up till all hours of the night, waiting for the clock to strike 12. I mean, what is the point of celebrating the new year, if it is going to come anyway? And why should everyone make a point of staying up to see this "momentous occasion" in?

I was questioning the reasoning last night, as I was trying desperately to stay awake to wait for the clock to strike 12... For someone who REALLY likes their sleep, it just seems like a stupid idea. Up till about 10.30 last night, I had fun. Three of us went to the top of a koppie, to watch the lunar eclipse and take photos, and look at the stars. It was really nice, until I started getting more and more sleepy, but the rock was far too uncomfortable to sleep on. And my companions wouldn't allow me to go back to the house to go to bed (nasty people - they managed to find comfy places and fell asleep on the rock).

I also don't really understand the significance of waiting to see the new year in. For some, it might be an opportunity to imbibe in the bubbly, or any other alcoholic beverages, get horribly wasted and spend the following day feeling like they've been run over by a tractor, munched on by a crocodile, and spat out. I do know this feeling - last year I went to a new year's party, and we were playing drinking games. I'm bad at drinking games. I felt like a tractor ran over me and a crocodile chewed me up and spat me out the next day.

Or, maybe it is so that people can be "the first" to wish others a happy new year. Also, I don't really understand the significance of this, since a lot of the time, when you wish someone a "Merry Christmas", you tend to wish them a "Happy New Year" too...

Two years ago, I was invited to the 'berg to celebrate new years. I had a whale of a time, and on new years eve, I walked about 20kms, just because they were there and I wanted to go and explore. I had a fabulous day, and we had a lovely meal to top the day. Then I got tired, went to bed, even though all the others were celebrating. It was great for me, although the trip organiser wasn't too pleased with me... The next day, I got up early again, and went walking...

So, last night, I reached a conclusion that I wont stay up to celebrate new years, unless it is exceptional circumstances (like I really need a massive party night - doesn't happen terribly often), or I'm with exceptional people, ones that I stay up with chatting until all hours of the morning anyway. And, thus, for the next new years', I will try and get myself to a remote corner of the 'berg, or actually anywhere where the population density is quite low, and celebrate the new year in my own style.

And that is my only new years' resolution!
Happy new year!


Candice said...

Assuming that you got 8 hours of glorious sleep, I'm jealous! I'm not good at 2am. :(

In any case, happy New Year! See you soon!

Athena said...

I think I am totally with you on New Years traditions! I hope that the next few are exactly as you have planned :) 'Cos it sounds lovely.

And Happy New Year :)