Monday, January 25, 2010

Topics, please!

I need to get myself in a writing frame of mind again, but have no idea were to start! A while ago, a friend was in the same position, and i gave her a topic to start off with. I'm not sure if she ha carried on with her writing, but i think that having a topic to write on really does help a ton.

Please please please comment with any random topics for me to write on, and ill post them on my blog?


Helen said...

uh... walking in circles in lifts?

Luke said...

The Moral Compass in the Southern African Context: Principles Gone Awry?

Perfect Low-light Pot Plants for the Office!

How to change a fuel pump!

Why the world might actually be flat

Candice said...

Good luck with Luke's suggestions! Seriously!

How about how different the world be if there was no chocolate?

terrifirma said...

Cecile Badenhorst has book full of good ideas to help the Scribe in you, I mentioned it in my blog a while back:

I've randomly picked 3 topics from the book for you to get going.

1. Sometimes we see our bodies as separate from ourselves. Have a conversation with your body. Write the conversation in dialogue form.

2. Write about the colour of childhood. What colour was your childhood?

3. "There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storm" - Willa Cather. Write about things you have learnt in storm. Begin: "One day..."

Feel free to come and pick new ideas at your leisure. PS I highly recommend this book to get and keep anyone on a writing path going.

Athena said...

I totally second Luke's suggestions on low-light pot plants for the office (hmmm, I need to bring Boris by for some TLC soon as he looks a little not-so-happy) and how the world may in fact be flat (one of the Crawford Science teacher's favourite topics!).

You could tell us whether 'Avatar' is worth any of the hype? How bubbles or a game of Uno would solve many of the world's problems?
Or how so many varsity-aged women today appear to have some form of an eating disorder (this seems to be a very big thing - we (the interns) were saying that recently we know / see so many more people with some form of eating disorder on campus)

Maybe some useful suggestions on how the save the planet that do not involve the UK submarine fleet?

Happy writing :)

Leia said...

EEEK! Now I actually have to do something with these!

Athena said...

Well, at least you know you have an avid readership :)