Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not really panicking...

But at the same time, I'm panicking...
I realised this year, that I have just 1 year left in which to do my masters (well, much less than a year now). To complete it, I need to:
  • Record and score all my behaviour data (barring recording 1 section from 1 population)
  • Finish measuring vegetation, and analyse all vegetation, including the measurements that were taken a few years back
  • Do all the stats on the above data
  • Write up an entire masters
  • Do my teaching assistant duties for the year, so that I can get paid
  • Somehow maintain my image of sanity...

And, some of the above is being hindered by my not-quite-working computer system. So, somehow I need to increase my productivity, decrease faffage (real word). It seems that I might have to shut myself in a dark room for a while, but then, that increases the probability of insanity!


1 comment:

Athena said...

Let me know if / when I can help out!

And good luck!! Hang in there, just 11 months and you will be done with the MSc :)