Friday, June 5, 2009

And now, Windows plays in its little box...

After hating windows for ages, I finally got Ubuntu on my varsity computer. The only reason why I kept using Windows is because everyone else uses Word and Excell (Microsoft office), and I have found that changing between OpenOffice docs (the open source version of Word) and Word docs requires much formatting, and the OpenOffice version of Excell sucks (especially the graphing functions...). So I kept using Windows at varsity and Ubuntu at home. My dad and brother put the Ubuntu (ver 9.04 or something) on one of the desktops at home, and I was loving it... The only problem that remained was my Win Office problem.

Then, somehow my brother found out about virtual box, where (or at least I think this is what happens - I'm not exactly a computer nerd) there is a program that creates a virtual machine in which windows runs. So now, I have Windows playing in its little box when I want to run Word, and then the awesomeness of Ubuntu the rest of the time. Now I need to find out how to get Word to see Ubuntu - I'm not entirely sure why it cant, since the rest of Windows can... But I'm loving the rest of Ubuntu!!

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