Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More about socks

The previous post started out as a desire to write about socks, and expanded... well... into the most arbitrary thing I have ever written. In the most arbitrary fashion. However, I realised that I missed out the most important thing about socks: They are awesome.

Socks are awesome because:
They keep feet warm and toasty in weather like this (cold and unfriendly weather for feet).
They come in the most amazing array of colours (I am a HUGE fan of my maroon socks).
They tend to stop blisters, and make shoes way way more comfortable.
They go to sock heaven.

The last point brings me to an advert that was on TV a few years ago, which basically showed a sock which was trying to find its way to (what I think was) sock heaven - a random collection of socks, on a beach having sock fun... I just love the idea. And its a good way to stop hunting for an elusive, missing sock!

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