Monday, June 8, 2009

More motorbike grumbles...

I have to gripe about motorbikes. Well, not motorbikes per say, but more about their drivers. Last week I was moaning about motorbikes and traffic circles, and now, I feel that I need to vent about motorbikes some more...

Don't you just hate it when a motorbike comes zooming past you, but the only way that you know that they are somewhere in your vicinity is by the sudden roar, followed by a fast moving speck that soon disappears from view? Well, that happened to me at the end of last week, while I was almost about to turn. Even though I did have my indicator on, the dude still wanted to overtake me! Scary to think that if I had chosen to turn a moment earlier, there would have been a major accident... So That is my gripe with motorbikes (or rather their owners) that are just too powerful, and their riders that are too windgat (for want of a better word - its a South Africanism). Why should people want to go that fast on a suburban road? Thrills? Frustration? Get to work faster? Or is it just to scare people like me, so much so that you arrive at varsity white and shaking??

Second gripe is pretty much a universal gripe about all users of the road: Use of indicators. On a motorbike, one would think that it is especially important to do so, but instead, they just go where they please without giving anyone prior warning.... *muttermuttermutter*

Despite my comments, I realise that they tend to apply only to a small sector of the motorbike-using population, and that there are lots of safe and unfrustrated motorbike riders around. Its just that small number who ruin everyone else's reputation!

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