Monday, June 1, 2009

A fit of sulks. Grrrr.

Or a hissy fit. Well, whatever it was, today has been the most awful day I have had in a very very very long time. I can explain part of it, but the rest welllllll must have been due to the compounded-ness... Let me explain. I think it all stems from the fact that I have not had a good night's sleep for a very very long time - every night I wake up twice or three times drenched in sweat. So I will throw my duvet off to get a bit cooler, and 30 mins later, I will be freezing, and wake up again to find my duvet. Now, for a person who doesn't cope badly with broken sleep, this might be ok. I'm just not one of those people. I do very very badly when I get too little sleep. Like very badly. So I started off the day in a bad way, and things just did not go well for me, and by that I mean, that I didn't get my way.

Yes. I know. Very 5-year-old-ish. I know. I am very much older than that and should be able (by now) to snap out of it! But I haven't had a good night sleep in such a long time...........

So Things just got worse and worse (well in my head they did), and I got grumpier and grumpier, and, with hindsight, I should have left varsity much much much sooner. But I felt bad, cos I only got started with my work in the afternoon, so I felt that I should stay later to compensate. Bad bad move. In the end, I was so tired when I was driving home, that I accidentally drove into the guy in front of me (incidentally, my first accident). But I honestly thought he had moved off, so I was edging forward to see if the was was clear for me. Turns out he hadn't moved. So I bumped into him. And I then just sat in the car wondering what to do (I mean, honestly). When I actually got my act together and switched on my headlights to see the damage, it turns out there was none... Like, nothing. And the guy was so nice, I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to bump into - but still. It was the cherry on the top for my very bad day, and I *almost* burst into tears on the way home. Which would have been a very very bad idea, because I probably would have had an accident (ha ha ha ha ha ha).

Another big contributing factor to my bad day was that my varsity computer got a new hard drive installed. Don't get me wrong - I love the fast-nesss at which it is working now, but I cant do anything on it (I don't have admin privileges anymore), and as such, it pretty much feels like its not my computer to modify and make my own, which just sucks. Its almost as if I've just been shoved back into the general computer lab with generic computers and generic programs which can't be modified to suit my needs, well, because it is generic.

I'm probably not making a whole lot of sense, but I needed (a lot of needs today) to get this off my chest. Which is part of what my blog is for. And right now, I'm going to go to bed. And then, tomorrow, I'm going to get up and make a cake, because cakes make the world go round. The end.

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