Friday, May 29, 2009

Pennyroyal tea

The theme for this blog entry was supposed to be tea, but I got distracted with Nirvana's song "sit and drink penny royal tea....." (end of musical interlude)

OK, so the entry is actually about tea. And coffee. Well, beverages in general. And sugar. I am now fully used to drinking tea, coffee and generally most things without sugar. I now think of having my tea without the sugary goodness (bleeurg) that generally lurks at the bottom of nearly every teacup (if you don't stir, of course). I actually look forward to the taste of my tea without sugar. How amazing is that, since only a few blog-posts ago (I can't remember the date), all I could think about was my nice cup of strong tea with one-and-three-quarters-teaspoons of sugar?? I didn't manage to cut out sugar from my whole diet - I would keep forgetting about it when I ate a brownie or a biscuit. And of course, I can't resist chocolate, although I tend to have a low giving-up threshold now ( 4 blocks is my maximum now).

The whole idea of giving up sugar was based on the idea that my post-nasal drip would potentially go away if I cut out the sugar. Well, it didn't, and I have found out that I have a bad reaction to grass (not the smoking kind), and sawdust dust, and these are some of the things I will be working with (once I get my project off the ground). AARG!

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