Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting there

Yes. Its official. I am getting used to the no-sugar thing, even though I still have moments of "I want seriously strong tea with a drop of milk and one-and-three-quarters of a teaspoon of sugar". I managed to refuse the temptation of a chocolate the night before last. Im getting there!

Now, all I have to deal with is writing and finishing my introduction (and ulitmately my proposal) and get some mice before Friday. Thats all. Besides a few minor things, like getting a soundbite, and other small issues, like having to travel 80km's to get my mice. Thats all. Nothing much. Its a little wierd - it actually is a huge amount to do, but somehow, in my head, it is do-able. So, I just going to work as-hard-as-I-can, get it all done before Friday (so that I dont have to pay a fine for not meeting my aims). I know this probably sounds a little disjointed, but, who cares - its my blog! Now: work-time!

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