Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More awards!

I am awarding myself the "car breaker of the year" for 2009. Maybe it is just bad luck, but two cars have failed on me already this year. The first was my trusty clio which, when I was driving home at night from wits, decided to die. And I couldnt get it to start for about 30 mins. The arbitrarily, it decided to work again, and I could get home. Since then, my parents banned me from driving the car, in case I get stuck again (it now does its dying thing pretty regularly). So I was relegated to my dad's car, a camry. Just last week, I managed to clip with side of his tyre on a curb - I went round a corner too sharply... Then his radio was stolen (this was not my fault), and so a whole bunch of wires were left hanging out of the dashboard. So, on Sunday, I was trying not to get poked by the said wires, something sparked, and the cabin light, the clock and some other electrical things shut down. I didn't blow a fuse (my dad checked it), but something happened... So that is why I have given myself the award.

On a separate note, I decided to rid myself of a post-nasal drip, which increases a hundred-fold when I eat sugar. So sugar is now going to be deleted from my diet. I will post blog entries on how it is going! Basically I will not have sugar in my tea or coffee, no chocolate, no sweets... Sigh.

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