Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A word on hairdressers...

This afternoon, I went to get a haircut. It has been a good six months since my last one, so I really did need it. I had decided to try my dad and brother's hairdresser, because my usual one is getting extremely pricey. So I tried and I tried and I tried again to get hold of this lady, but to no avail. Then randomly, a few days after I had given up on the whole idea, she returned my call!

As a result, I had my haircut. So I arrived (she runs her business from her home). Wow. I mean, really wow. I got out of my car, and was just blown away... She talked, asked me a few questions to which I had monosyllabic answers to...
Then she talked
and talked

I'm exhausted.

But the thing that irritates my just slightly about hairdressers is that they always want to blow dry my hair after they have finished (I hardly do it, so that's a big change for me). But not only do the hairdressers dry it, but they want to style it! And in my humble opinion, never in the past 5 years or so that it has been happening (apart from the time when my hair was not blow dried, and subsequently looked really cool) has my hair looked nice afterwards. I'm not entirely sure what they want to achieve, but the result is a rather dated look, which ages me by 15-20 years... Not exactly the impact you want to achieve... So tonight, I'm promptly going to undo all the hairdresser's hard work!

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terrifirma said...

Age-otori is a Japanese word meaning 'looking less attractive after a hair-do'. Via qikipedia (twitter).