Saturday, May 16, 2009

There is no charge for awesomeness... Or attractiveness!

The title of this post comes my favourite quote from Kung Fu Panda - right in the beginning of the movie, Panda is having a dream about being the most famousest (Samwise Gamgee from LOTR - sorry, its a movie recollection day!) kung fu warrior in all the land. He saves the people (well in this movie, animals) from the evil foes that threaten death and destruction in the land of Um... Japan? Anyway, Panda beats his enemies, and rest of the (most revered) kung fu warriors all want to be his friends, and a female animal comes to thank him and try to repay him for saving her family, and his reply is "There is no charge for awesomeness... Or attractiveness"... and his dream goes on about how Panda's awesomeness blinds people because he is so awesome... I love it...

Anyway, Luke awarded me and several peeps the "awesome" award (hence the title). The deal is that if you are awarded, you need to write seven points about how awesome you are, or what makes you such an awesome person, and then award it to seven others. Now, I feel that I need to mention that I am terrible at blowing my own trumpet. Anyway, here goes!
  1. I am super persistent. I try and try and try, then feel miserable for a bit, then get up and try again.

  2. I am independent. I like to try stuff on my own, before relying on others. That being said, it can be a very bad thing, and I have gotten better at relying on other people, and the results haven't been bad at all.

  3. I don't have an over-inflated ego. If anything, it's a bit squished. I know about some of the things that I am good at, and definitely know about those that I am not!

  4. This does sound a little weird, but I can keep myself entertained for hours, just by thinking...

  5. I'm almost a good friend. That is when I actually spend time with them. I'm pretty bad at doing that though! If one of my friends is having a horrible time, they know that I usually to have a good shoulder to cry on...

  6. I am enthusiastic. About most things. Or can get enthusiastic, once I find out something that tickles my interest. Then that's me done for the day, and people think I'm crazy or something - I tend to bubble away, bouncing around, being excited about my new discovery...

  7. There are many other things that I could make sound like I am awesome, but the last one for this award is that I am adventurous. I like doing new things, going to new places... So much to do, so little time (and cash)!

So that's it for this award. Like I said, there are other things that make me awesome, one of which is that I am family orientated - most of the time, I love doing stuff with my family! So, as a present for my mom, I decided to take pictures of her dog (she adores this animal)... In doing so, I got some nice photos of the other dog too... And here are the best.

I now get to award other people: Terri, Stacey, Terashni, Tyler, Soekie, Snoo and Shona!

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