Friday, April 24, 2009

All things, pleasant and unpleasant

This week has been decidedly unpleasant, although there have been some bright spots along the way. Firstly, I had a nasty confrontation type thing on Monday, which made Tuesday horrible. Then Wednesday was voting day, which was just a nasty, patchy day, where I didn't get anything done because I was waiting for the voting queue to get shorter as the day went (it didn't) - I had to go and stand in the 1.5 hour queue, which did not change size the entire day!!!!!!!  The yesterday, I spent in nervous anticipation of the evening, where a) I had to explain where the expensive dv was, and why it was broken, and b) get my 1* book signed off by the person who I had had the Monday confrontation with. It turned out that the dv issue was not so bad, but the book signing thing was just horrible. Anyone who knows The Snoo would know exactly how I would have described that bit of the evening!
The brighter spots have come in the form of having really good friends who have made the world seem a much better place. My lab mates (Luke and Helen) have had to endure many hours of ranting and upset-ness from me, and have (strangely enough) managed to a) remain sane, and b) not kill me... Then there are a few other people who have been awesome - mostly people who I met on the weekend, strangely enough! Now I'm not a huge fan of public appreciation (it makes me feel awkward when people do it to me), but I think that on this occasion, these people deserve a massive thank-you for making my life just that tiny bit more pleasant!
Now, for more nasty things - Im TAing (of all things) Fungi this afternoon. Fun! I would have gottne out of it by going to Kruger, but as usual, the plans fell apart at the eleventh hour last night... Sad, sad times!

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