Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Club songs, puzzles and endorphins

I decided that this past weekend would be a good time to relax, so I took both Saturday and Sunday off (it was a long weekend, yesterday was a public holiday, and i decided that it would be devoted to making biscotti and working on my proposal). So on Saturday, when I didnt feel particularly inspired by the breakfasty-type things in the kitchen, I made chocolate muffins, which took me through to lunch. Then I had lunch (toasted sandwiches), and decided to build a puzzle. A big one. Yes, I may be slighlty old fashioned, but I actually like doing stuff like that. I suppose it did help that the puzzle I was building was a funny one - the theme was "just married", and was all about Tarzan and Jane getting married, and all the disasters along the way, which was very amusing. The puzzle took me about a day to complete, and by mid Sunday, I was feeling relaxed, satisfied and quite pleased with myself (it was a 1000 piece puzzle).
The endorphins came in yesterday night, when I persueded my brother to bring out the last remains of his jungle chocolate from South America. This chocolate is quite raw, with no milk or sugar added, and is absolutely amazing. He did add a bit of milk and sugar, and banana, and made it into the most amazing desert, which he served with some ice-cream. I was on such a high for the rest of the evening - I'm not entirely sure how I managed to get to sleep! Amidst all of this, I started thinking about explorers' songs... The irritating thing is that there are a few words that I just can't remember, so I'm just going to write down what I do remember and hope for the best - maybe it will go away!!!
We are explorers, a long way from home
We're highly disorganised, so leave us alone
We drink lots of....... (now I don't remember the words)
So lets go to the (insert name of river here), and have a good (something along the lines of aii...aiiiii.....)
We are explorers, explorers,
We live it up we live it up we live it up we do!
So pass the castle lager!
If the sea were are whisky and I were a duck,
I'd swim to the bottom and never come up
But the sea's not a whisky and I'm not a duck
So lets go to the (insert name of river here) and have a good f(aii...ai...aiiii etc)
We are explorers, explorers,
We live it up we live it up we live it up we do!
So pass the castle lager!
The end (of what I remember, anyway!)

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