Monday, April 20, 2009

Diving, with no narcoleptic tendencies

Last weekend, I went to Sodwana bay to complete my 1* scuba diving course. I had been warned that I would get super-hungry, super tired, and would probably fall asleep on any vaguely comfortable surface, at any given time. None of the above happened to me - I hardly had an appetite, and hardly slept at all, the whole weekend!

I had the most awesome weekend -I really had a blast under the water. The colours were amazing, the fish blew me away and the little things like nudibranchs and crabs were what made the dives just so incredible. On four out of the five dives, we saw turtles - a truly incredible experience. We also saw an eel and rays on one of the dives, but for me, the highlights were the small things, like Christmas tree worms, the corals and fish, and other things, like cowrie shells (snails) and the nudibranchs.

On the flip side of the trip, the social bit was both completely horrible, and pretty cool. I met some awesome people who I would like to keep in contact with, but was also pretty much ignored by the guy who I had a very special past with. Needless to say that although I am very upset about it, he no longer has a place in my social circle, or at least until I have had some time to heal (seems like this will take a while). Unfortunately, this means that it will be difficult for me to interact with all the cool people who I met on the weekend, since we all belong to the same club as "the ex". Im not sure how I will get around this!

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