Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday's Fungi Fun!

Yesterday started out with me feeling very bleak for two big reasons: The first was because I wasn't able to go to the Kruger, which would have been a really good break from absolutely everything, and the second (which incidentally was linked to the first), was that I would have to TA the CLS fungi lab. If I had gone away, I would have gotten Luke to fill in for me, and although I would have felt like a bit of a worm because then he would have pretty much spent his whole day in labs, it would have been a massive relief for me to get out of JHB.

Anyway, the going away bit didn't happen. Which meant that the fungi lab did happen. And I was so so so not keen for it, principally because of the thrilling subject matter, but also because the students had to a tut (in the lab) on scale and calculating scale and all things scale-like. Yay. Our pre-lab took us an hour... And made me feel much much worse about the lab - I have dont the same lab about four times over now - the guy who runs it doesnt change the subject matter from a first year level to a second year level, (so I did the same lab in both first and second year), and from year to year, then I TA'ed it last year, and now this year. How much more interesting could it get??? So Helen had to put up with much whinging from me about my un-keenness for the lab and TAing in general...

Then the lab actually arrived, and it actually felt good to see my students. And, surprise surprise, I really enjoyed the lab, even the stuffy scale tut. I hope my bay finally understands the concept of scale - I told then to do it over and over, and eventually it would get easier and faster, and I really hope they listened to me! Overall, on Friday, I rediscovered that I actually really do like teaching, and I think I'm going to miss that bay (even though I have had a few issues with them - mainly that they destroyed my confidence in my teaching ability).

All this lead to a thinking session about what I am actually going to do with the rest of my life - and maybe, just maybe, I might consider going into teaching... Apart from that, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do - except for getting through the next two years!!! AARG!

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